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Blue = link to the site, Yellow = language of the site, Grey = sidecar make, info, Rose = (place, state or country)
Moturist website English, Dutch Dedicated to Moturist sidecars and Ed Pols The Netherlands
Tom's Harley-Davidson & Sidecar Page English, Harley Davidson 1992 FLHTCU, USA
Elephant-ride Colorado English, By Dave Tharp, Virtual Museum Curator, Apr. 23, 1996 USA
Napalm Rocket hack German Sidecar rigs with a rocket as sidecar and art Germany
Joe's Sidecar Page English, BMW's with California Friendship and EML sidecars USA

Scott Whitney English, Sidecar cross
Wikipedia about sidecars Many languages Sidecar explanations, but all with different content and pics. World

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