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Last update: 29 April 2012
Hello, welcome to my site. I hope you'll like it.
This homepage is dedicated to sidecar riding and to the Yamaha GTS 1000.
I live in Oostvoorne (The Netherlands, a little country in Europe) about 35 km (22 miles) from Rotterdam and close to the beach.

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To Hollandia

Click directly at the Hollandia logo to see the old "Hollandia material".

To Michel's grey GTS 1000
If you don't see 3 frames click
here to open the full website.

in a new window.

To the Hannigan page
The new Hannigan Bandito - Suzuki Bandit 1200 outfit with Center Hub Steering.

Yamaha Thunderace with Merlin
Yamaha Thunderace with Merlin
sidecar from the UK

To Impact Camp EU
To Impact Camp

Gubbels vintage Harley Davidson Parts
Vintage Harley Davidson Parts
**** GUBBELS ****

To Camel Rally 2009 website
Twenty-four hours on the road.
Bonus point hunting with more than fifty bonus locations and mandatory checkpoints. Twisty roads, mountain passes, tunnels, fjords, and ferries.
SaddleSore™ or SaddleSore Light™ certifications
from the Iron Butt Association. Klick to go to
Camel Rally 2009 website

To the Verdun Tour pages
Click to go to the Verdun Tour 2005 pages.

To ''John's GTS page 1''
To John's GTS page 1.

To the Internet Sidecar Owners Klub Sidecartalk 2
To the Internet Sidecars Owners Klub
"Sidecartalk 2"

I'm known there as Sidecarmaniac.
To the GTS1000 pages
Yamaha's GTS1000, klick to go to the GTS pages
To a Chang Jiang website
link to the Chang Jiang site
To the GTS1000 pages
Yamaha's Morpho, klick to go to the GTS pages

To the Elefanten Treffen pages
To the Elefanten Treffen pages
Elefanten Treffen; End of January or begin February at Loh / Thurmangsbang Solla in Germany. Look at the Elefanten Treffen pages for the pics.
To the Sidecar picture pages
Links and pictures like these can be found at the Sidecar picture pages

To the Sidecar picture pages

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