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Impact Camp's Mini Camp MC-Camper Dutch, English
Buddy Fashion, saddles etc. Dutch
Speedbleeder English
Electric heated grips English
Heattroller, controlls the electric heating stuff English
Hawke's Oiler (John "GTS" Laurenson) English

To Impact Camp EU
GTS 1000 homepages
Motorcycle magazines
Kevin Hawkins' homepage English
Sidecarmaniac's sidecar & GTS 1000 pages English
Dreambiker Germany German
Helmuth Deubel GTS pages English
Airtech-streamlining, GTS sport-fearings English
German sidecar-magazine site German, English
Stress Press German
Motorcycle Daily English
Kicxstart Dutch
Moto73 Dutch
Motomag.com French
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Endurance riders sites/homepages
BikeNet; links, dealers etc. Dutch
Ronnie Cramers mc webindex, Yamaha part English
Motorcycle Start4all English
Netbikes Australia English
Dropbears Bikelinks English

Sidecar WebRing English
Yamaha XS1100 English
Mc Mora Dutch
Pashnit Sidecar Fantasy links English,
Iron Butt Association English
Camel Rally website English, Norwegian
IBA Finland LDR riding English, Finnish

Motorcycle Campings in Europe
Motorcamping De Motorschuur (NL) Dutch, English
Motorcamping De Dordogne (F) Dutch, English
Motorcamping D'n Toerstop (NL) Dutch, English
To De Motorschuur To Iron Butt Association

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