"Elefanten Treffen part 3"

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In 2001 the Elefanten Treffen was not very cold. In our camp near at the entrance, the minimum temperature was - 6 degrees celcius. There was snow.
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Entrance of the Elefanten area
Elefanten Treffen 2001 entrance
One side of the camping
Just one side of the "camping"
Road to the Treffen
The road to the Treffen
FJ1200 with ski's
FJ1200 with ski's and some other accessoires
CB250 with sidecar
This is a home made CB250 with sidecar
to fool around in the snow
XS1100 with ice
This year we used the XS1100 to travel.
Lots of ice, snow and salt at the bike.
The ignition system did give some trouble.
Ratbike in the snow 76 kb
This ratbike was full of details. Bones all over the bike.
At the front mudguard is a rat riding a ratbike !
The jiffy stand is probably a cow feet bone.
The sissy bar.....yes of course very large bones.
(The larger photo is 76 kb) (The largest photo is 370 kb)
Suzuki with a selfmade front fork
Suzuki GS1100L with a selfmade
mono shock front fork.
Africa Twin with sidecar
Honda Africa Twin 750 cc with a
Motek sidecar type "Bobby".
Trike with sled
Trike with non-skid chains at the rear wheels.

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