"GTS 1000 aftermarket parts "

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Hard sidebags from Krauser

The Krauser hard bags. Rob's Accessoires also sells hard top bags for the GTS. With the same look as the side ones. All bags are black.
BTW the bags for the Diversions 600/900 and the GTS are the same.
Rob's Accessoires (The Netherlands)

Krauser hard bags Unmounted Krauser hard bags
These are not pics from Rob's Accessoires.
Givi sells hard bags for the GTS. Side and top bags.
For mounting the top bag you need an adaptor bracket. Here is a .doc file with the mounting bracket drawing.
To Kelly's website
Contact Kelly for fog light brackets that fits under the GTS mirrors.
To the HawkOiler website To the HawkOiler website
This chainoiler is developed by a well known GTS and LDR rider. Check out the Hawkoiler Website.
To the Heattroller website
Another product from a GTS rider is the Heat-Troller to control your heatgiving gear. Check out the Heat-Troller Website.
Technoflex Shock Technoflex Shock

Shocks from Technoflex for GTS 1000 front and rear, both available with a reservoir.
Technoflex the original suspension from the Netherlands
Íhlins Shock Íhlins Shock

Shocks from Íhlins for GTS 1000
Front (left); Remote reservoir, adjustable rebound and compression damping.
Rear (right); Adjustable rebound and hydraulic preload adjuster. Íhlins (The Netherlands)
Saddle and sissy bar from Corbin, click to enlarge
To the Russel website
Corbin or Russel for new saddles. Russel even made heated saddles to prevent getting a cold butt. Corbin (USA) or Russel (USA).

Hagon Shock
Hagon also makes shocks for the GTS, but I have no pictures of them. So this red one is a picture from their site.

GTS 1000 part 1
GTS 1000 part 2
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